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Treat her like a queen!!!

Just close your eyes let me hypnotize you
I can make your storm feel sky blue
Girl when you lost you know I’ll find you,
If I’m not beside you I’m behind you
Imagine you,r’ on the beach in your laws,
You feel the breeze because you’re clothes off
Your inhibitions you got nothing to hide
And then help ‘em rise don’t you wanna ride

Touch a girl, touch a girl, touch a girl

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5…LIVE SHOW!

Give her a music. She can dance for you. She can give you all. But first of all, she needs love.
She’s your queen, isn’t she? Then,  treat her like a queen. Buy the best for her- Calvin Klein, La Perla, Elle Mac Pherson Intimates.

Text by N. S. G.

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