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Interview: Angelo Lanza, fashion photographer

Meet well known Italian photographer Angelo Lanza who took photos of our successful model Dejan Janković for Round magazine. And not only that! He did something very interesting – among big high fashion brands such as Dior, Armani and Dolce&Gabanna, he put two photos of clothes designed by Croatian brand Elfs, which is published all over the world and in the next edition campaign also for Elfs.

Tell us something about you!

My name is Angelo Lanza. I live in Milan and I am a fashion photographer.

How long have you been working as a photographer?

After studying medicine, I accidentally started the business as a photographer. I started working as a photographer in the early 90s.

Tell us about some campaigns you have worked on!

I worked for several Italian and foreign brand. I took a photo campaigns for Rodo, a brand of luxury accessories for women.
I worked for Medavita, brand that produces a professional hair products. I also worked for L’Oreal, for Panthene, and Coppola.
Among the clothing brands I worked for other national and international Brands, such as: Pollini, Piacenza Cashmere, Julian Keen, Havana & co., John Barritt, Luck in luck. I’m working on Roy Roger’s, Nichole Judd, Aeronautica Militare, and Conforama, and other ……

Which of them do you consider most successful?

Roy Roger’s campaign was considered the most effective campaign by magazines, including print campaigns last season.

Do you shoot only in Italy or do you travel abroad?

I sometimes work at Miami (Florida) and I’ve also worked in Paris and Barcelona!

Which magazines have you worked for?

I worked for various magazines: Pratica, Gentlemen option, Icon (Paris), Maxim, Ars arpel, Fur, Bella, In town …. and others! In recent years, I have founded a new magazine with some friends , aimed primarily at young people, which is called a Round.

Where can we see your photos?

My photographs are on many Italian and European magazines, with advertising pages and editorial.

How long have you had your own website?

I created my web site some years ago, maybe 6 or 7, where you can see my work to date, www.angelolanza.com

Whose portraits have you done?

During my career, I was able to photograph from the world of entertainment and fashion, among them Ennio Capasa (Costume National), Marpessa (supermodel of the 90s), and from the world of sport. In the last year, I realized the calendar of the team of Olympic athletes and the Air Force.

Which kind of photography do you prefer?

The photograph in general realizable oriented fashion, which is the sector where more often I work, and I really like.

In which style of photography you find yourself most successsful?

In general, the kind of picture that represents me the most and what I do for editorials for fashion magazines, the more interesting are the more creative!

Which subjects do you prefer to photograph?

It’s clear that, despite my work I like always is more interesting and fun to work with women, because they allow for greater creativity and make it possible to devise more imaginative things …. after all the fashionable woman is certainly more creative and imaginative than that man!

Have you ever worked with Croatian models?

I worked with pleasure with models of Croatia, one of them (a man) was the interpreter of my last campaign for Nichol Judd. But I also worked with beautiful women born in Croatia in general and Eastern European countries.

Text by Durica


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