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We like… Noir Jewelry

I worked in production, design, on shoots. It was the best schooling you could ever imagine. – says Leoora Catalan, a jewelry designer.

Leoora started her career at Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta. At Ralph she worked everywhere, in production, design, on shoots and it was the best schooling for her. At Oscar De La Renta she worked for his secondary line as an Assistant Designer.

Her Noir jewelry was born while working as a stylist for a fashion show, when she was called on to produce a set of bead necklaces  in a pinch. She couldn’t find any in the market and made them. After the show she was approached by a department store wanting to place them and order, Italian Vogue wanted to shoot them  and then started her designer career.

She was inspired by DC Comic and wanted with this collection to make  super hero/heroines into high end jewelry. Also, Leoora created “Fig the Flying Pig”, worn by Katy Perry. noirjewelry

Text by N. S. G.





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