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Do you speak fashion? 2

Jedna od najpopularnijih riječi danas sigurno je “cool”.

Ne postoji jedna definicija koja bi opisala ovaj termin preuzet iz engleskog jezika pa je tako ova riječ postala sinonim za svaki neobični komad garderobe, često crne boje, maštovite cipele sa zakovicama, ” pomaknute” frizure i sl. Uglavnom, terminom cool objedinjeno je sve što ostavlja jak dojam i ima attitude koji pamtimo.

It has no single agreed upon definition,  it is timeless phenomena. People know what means word “cool” in fashion when they see someone cool, it’s a feeling, they recognize cool people. To be cool is a supreme self assurance, inner confidence. Just recall James Dean, Paul Newman, Marlon Brando or see today new actors like Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackmann. Jackmann’s coolness takes a breath away!
Cool atitude, cool voice, cool walking, cool…whatever he wears he wears with confidence and air of nonchalance. When he dress up his casual wear and dress down his formal wear he always maintain an air of control.

A few essential items for cool style: a suit ( three piece, double breasted or two button but simple, elegant), leather jacket ( timeless and ultimate symbol of rebel cool), hat (trilby!), jeans ( a pair of used look jeans, dark indigo and black), boots ( timeless footwear, in military style or desert boots!)

Text by N. S. G.

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