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Khujo – Dress To Impress

From serious and elegant all the way to casual and edgy, youthful and important – what more can you ask for?!

Khujo fashion brand shows the world how much fun one can have with ‘plain’ one colored t-shirts and jewelry! It’s all about the attitude and the feeling you give to others – when you want to make a statement, a clear one, with no room for ambiguity or silliness, if your reputation is on the line… Khujo is the way to go!

This beautiful brown sweater is absolutely perfect for daily look, if you are a student and you have classes or you work with people and want to be taken seriously, but not uptight. I adore the way this outfit is put together! So many people keep saying that one of the main unwritten rules is that black and brown don’t go together, well… In your face! Look at this gorgeous sweater and the black t-shirt underneath and then tell me that this combination is a failure! Even better, imagine a black blouse under the sweater with the collar slightly covering the edge of the sweater. I really find this dark jeans perfect for this and similar outfits.

What about this great dark bluish t-shirt? Do you find it boring? Well, every girl needs a few of these to combine gorgeous outfits more easily; the color is simple but beautiful and can go great wit gray, black, white… Please notice the sleeves and the way they go all over her hand! I love it! The design is pretty casual and the shirt hangs loosely, which gives it that sexy edgy look. If I had some money I didn’t really need (that’s never gonna happen!) and a few winter jacket already hanging in the closet, I’d buy this stunning jacket from Khujo!

The color is great and the design is even better. But being clumsy as I normally am, I would probably mess it up the same day I’d buy it! It is ideal for those winter nights when you go out with the girls or just for the walks by the river or seaside… So warm and fuzzy… Mmmmmm… Like it’s made just for me!

Last but not least – the trousers! Dark blue, loose but tight at the same time.  One has to have a figure for trousers designed like these! I wouldn’t wear them with flats, though – only heels are acceptable for me! So if you have some extra money, indulge yourself and dress to impress in Khujo!

Text by Dunja Vidak

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