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Whatta man!!! David Haye

David Deron “The Hayemaker” Haye is a British professional boxer, current WBA World Heavyweight Champion, also a man who  likes fashion and fashion world…but the most, he likes boxing!

“I’m still shocked by the amount of interest and approaches I’ve received since becoming World Champion. I love the glamour and style of the fashion world but when it started enquiring after me I thought it best to be steered through it by an agency such as Storm, as it’s something they know a lot better than me.”

“You won’t see me walking around London with an A to Z looking lost and trying to find a casting!”

“I did modelling when I was around 19 and got some big jobs. I did one for Abercrombie & Fitch and one for Versace. Lots of models said I was set up to go full-time. But I didn’t like it. I liked boxing. I only did modelling to pay the bills. Aside from the nice parties I got invited to – with all those pretty birds floating around – there was no satisfaction at all in it for me. It was killing my day. I was getting no closer to my dream of being world champion…”

On these pics we like his hairstyle, scruffy, clothes &  styling!

Also, we like his Cosmo’s naked shoot! www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Text by N. S. G.

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